Sunday, June 8, 2014


Welcome to The Biased Reporter

All news is biased. Not just Fox News, where the daily agenda is something like "Democrats are trying to destroy the greatness of America and only Republicans and Ronald Reagan can save it" or MSNBC, where it's only the Democrats who have the great ideas and it's the Republicans trying to destroy the middle class in favor of corporations.  I'll write more about these two arguments later.

Media bias occurs whenever a story is first heard, and immediately and even subconsciously there is a viewpoint attached to the news story.  Everyone does this, and it is not necessarily a criticism.  It is just an important fact to realize whenever we see news.  We have to take a step beyond the story and look further. What are the sources these media organizations turn to over and over for analysis? Do these pundits ever lose credibility as a source? What questions are being asked, and which aren't? These are some of the issues I will be discussing in this blog.

I am writing a blog of news,comments and media criticism.  I took the name "The Biased Reporter"

A) because I like it and it sounds good, compared with other names like Under the Radar and UnderReported

B) in order to show how other news organizations and journalists are biased---ALL of them in some way, when they report a story.

C) as part of the larger group of great reporters and journalists and the thousands of citizens worldwide trying to show the truth always, report what is important in the world, and break through the noise and spin.

My blog website is (and now in 2015 on WordPress as well) because was already taken (by one post on mortgages with links to other services), and was taken as well, by someone named Biased Lois, who briefly in 2006 was doing what I want to do now.  I am not sure why she stopped blogging, but she certainly did a good job.

I am NOT "Biased Lois" but I agree fully with her sentiment that
I acknowledge that I do have biases. We all do. But I the first step toward giving readers fair and balanced news coverage is acknowledging those biases and working very hard to make sure other views are represented in news stories." see her blog here
As her profile rightly says,
Best way for journalists to give readers fair and balanced news? Admit there is no such thing as an "unbiased reporter."
I plan to continue in the footsteps, and in the path of the news organizations and journalists, independent and Mainstream, who tell the truth no matter what, and truly use their platform to inform the public, NOT for ratings, but to tell the citizens of this country what government is doing in their name, in order to make our experiment in democracy REAL, here and abroad, and to give the power of the people back to the people.

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