Sunday, August 24, 2014

He Knew the Name James Foley

Few Americans knew the name Bowe Bergdahl before he was released in May after being held for 5 years as a prisoner of war, and then all of a sudden everyone was an expert.  Everyone would have done things differently, sooner, cheaper, better than Obama did.  Everyone had their opinions, and suddenly everyone knew what laws Obama had broken or not broken, and everyone knew that Obama was right, wrong, should be impeached, should be praised, etc.

Now that the controversy has largely (but not entirely) fizzled, (see Taliban Swap Broke Law) there is a new focus, the murder of American journalist James Foley by ISIS.

Few have realized (or have not mentioned) that the final statement that ISIS made James say echoes Bowe's email to his parents.

There are still many hostages still in captivity, some are Americans, many are not.  They are journalists, soldiers, civilians, terrorists.

Below are some links to some of those who are not free.

POW/MIA since Iraq War
The current number of personnel missing from operations in Iraq and the Persian Gulf being actively pursued by DPMO is five - two service members from Desert Storm, and three DoD contractors from Iraqi Freedom.
According to police statistics, nearly 2,000 people worldwide have been taken hostage
during the last 10 years. However, the actual number of cases could be several times higher.

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, since 2013 there are 211 journalists that are imprisoned and more that remain missing who's status is unknown.

When most of the world first met Robert Bergdahl after his son was released, almost everyone jumped on him for something.  Everyone saw him, judged him, called him and his family traitors.  Everyone shared this tweet.  That tweet is real.  That tweet is about justice.  Robert knows how the families of those who are held hostage feel.  Robert cares about everyone who is held in captivity.  Yes he is raising awareness and fighting to free those who are held hostage, American or not.  He knows what it means to wonder about a loved ones' safety.  He knew what it felt like to wonder if he would ever see Bowe again.

While Americans mocked Robert, he remembered and raised awareness about others who were still imprisoned.

Robert Bergdahl Video "Nobody Can Relate to Guantánamo Prisoners More Than Our Family"

Robert is lucky.  Bowe is alive and home.  We pray for the Foleys and we pray and hope that those who are still not free will be free one day soon.

RIP James

We miss you and love you.

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