Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Things I learned today

having some writer's block at the moment, so here are some headlines

John Cantlie 
IS hostage John Cantlie's father dies, after making heartbreaking plea to have John released
The father of British IS hostage John Cantlie has died just days after making an emotional plea for his son to be released.
Paul Cantlie, 80, passed away from "complications following pneumonia", a statement released by his family said.
Ben Bradlee
Washington Post legendary editor Ben Bradlee dies

Barrett Brown
It's time to write letters of leniency for Barrett Brown, who's sentencing is November 24.  We are asking for time served.

Dan Murphy found the PHD thesis of Ashraf Ghani, the new President of Afghanistan (along with Abdullah Abdullah after a contested election)

Israeli hostage in Gaza
Richard Silverstein has confirmed reports that
an Israeli-Ethiopian from Ashkelon crossed the border into Gaza several weeks ago. The man was allegedly mentally ill and no one knows what drove him to do this. He is being held by authorities in Gaza.

Here is the earlier report.

IDF military "porn"
Rania Khalek found a company trying to make "Military inspired streetwear"

They are fundraising on IndieGoGo, raising money to "Help publish the world's first Israeli Army Women Calendar featuring real Israeli soldiers"

From the website
MTKL was founded by 2 former soldiers that always dreamt to show the world the beauty of Israel and its people.
We set out to recruit the highest calibre professional designers and stylists to develop a unique line of clothing and accessories, blending the best of military and street into must-have urban fashion. The spirit of our brand is captured in this stunning calendar.

21 cities restrict sharing food with homeless, 10 more are in the process of doing so

Israel arrests BDS activist
The Israeli army arrested Hebron city council member Faruk A'shur on October 8, later placing him in administrative detention for three months.
Armed Israeli settlers take over 2 buildings in East Jerusalem link

Is this finally some good news on banks?
Regulator Tells Banks to Clean Up Bad Behavior or Face Downsizing 
I found out that French Guiana in Latin America is part of France
French Guiana is not a separate territory but is both an overseas r√©gion and overseas department of France, with the same government institutions as areas on the French mainland.


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