Thursday, December 18, 2014

Meet New NCTC Director Nicholas J. Rasmussen

I just found out that we have a new Director of the National Counterterrorism Center Nicholas J. Rasmussen, who has been Deputy Director since June 2012, beginning his work in government at the State Department in 1991.

As I mentioned the other day, after 17 months we finally have a Surgeon General, but what I wasn't paying much attention to the 34 others who were confirmed at the same time.   

Washington Post With nominations, Harry Reid lands a late punch before bowing out as majority leader
After Reid (D-Nev.) exploited a weekend rebellion on immigration by rogue Republican senators as a $1.1 trillion spending bill was up against the clock, the Senate will move ahead this week on key executive branch nominations submitted by President Obama that appeared to be stalled not long ago.
The conservative uprising that Reid maneuvered to his advantage has also rekindled concerns about rancor among Republicans.
Opening the day’s business Monday morning, Reid said the Senate could complete its work “today,” but left open the possibility that the final tasks could stretch on for days.
“We’re going to have to be here to finish our work, whether that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday,” he said. 

It was interesting to hear incoming Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Richard Burr ask his questions about real-time oversight of intelligence agencies (at 23 minutes in) and hear Rasmussen talk about data collection at NCTC, and creation of the new OFFICE OF DATA STRATEGY AND INNOVATION in the final months of outgoing Director Matt Olsen's term.

Articles from 2012 discussing NCTC new data mining powers approved by Obama and Holder

Kashmir Hill link

Michael Kelly link

Kim Zetter link

Julia Angwin link

November 7, 2014 White House nomination announcement.

NCTC Biography

Presidential Nominee Questionnaire 

Opening Statement

Additional Prehearing Questions

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