Thursday, January 15, 2015

What is being left out of the Charlie Hebdo discussion

I try to point out what is not being mentioned in the media.

There is a typical cycle of how breaking news  is covered especially when it is a terrorist attack or mass shooting. (**Side note is that mass shootings by white Christian males are somehow not considered terrorist attacks, no matter how many they kill, and Muslim attackers are always "terrorists" no matter how few they kill).  There is the report of breaking news, shots fired or a bomb explodes. We look for suspects, motives, and maybe some context to larger issues, like with the attack in France and a link to Al Qaeda in Yemen and ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  We learn about the victims, and politicians and world leaders express outrage and pledge resilience and retaliation (because violence apparently always solves violence, and doing the same thing before is always better than addressing legitimate grievances wink wink).

What gets ignored by most is the larger history of the conflict, just as with Israel and Gaza this summer everything was "fine" until 3 Israeli teens were kidnapped for "no apparent reason."

So let's examine quickly 2 pieces of history that can reflect on France and its relationship with Jews and Muslims.  (I wrote a quick list here in French).

One of the first major events of the modern Middle East was the invasion of Egypt by Napoleon in 1798.

Daily Caller

Counter Currents I agree with this and we make the same arguments.

Op-ed News

A key moment that finally lead a young Austrian journalist named Theodore Herzl to work to create a Jewish State was the Dreyfus Affair, which has gotten some attention.

Je Suis Dreyfus?

Express article is about Roman Polanski, who is incidentally making a movie about Dreyfus.

Jewish Exponent History of Jews in France

Huffington Post

New York Times letter to the editor by Daniel N. Swartz, who writes that France has consistently failed to protect its Jews.

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