Friday, May 29, 2015

UPI reports Pentagon weapons test successes

Looking at UPI's headlines recently I noticed something interesting.  Several articles on new weapons from our defense contractors, and their successful tests on the first try.  When did UPI start doing this type of stenographic reporting?  The archive on the web goes back to 2001.

Looking again at the website I now found these as well. Remember that this is just today's headlines from a wire service, not Jane's Defense Weekly or a military paper.  All of them are written by Richard Tomkins.  

May 29, 2015 here are 6 out of the top 15 headlines.

We know that there are lots of problems with military procurement and actual success of weapons systems, like the F-35, V-22 Osprey, Iron Dome in Israel and David's Sling from the Gulf War, just to name a few recent examples.  

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