Friday, August 22, 2014

Police Shootings by State

"No one knows how many Americans the police kill each year" but since 2008 around 400 "justifiable homicides" occur each year according to FBI statistics.

Here is a breakdown from a 2011 blog post similar (but more extensive) than I am trying to do here.

Thanks to @blacktalkradio for this list of people killed by cops from Jauary 1st 2009 to July 28, 2014 

2,235 killed in 5 years is more than the 2,329 that were killed fighting the Taliban and Al Qaeda in our longest war in Afghanistan.

I wanted to examine the numbers state by state.

It is important to realize a few things while looking at this list.  It is only a partial list, and it is only a list of those killed by police, and does not include any injuries by gun or other weapon.  I am also assuming that Border Patrol numbers are not included as "police" in this list.  It was also mentioned that the list does not include anyone killed in prisons, again not mentioning injuries in prison either. 

See also 

Here is my count of police shootings by state since 2009

Alabama 36

Alaska 8

Arizona 69 (I am assuming that this list does not include Customs and Border Patrol for border states)

Arkansas 20

California 350

Jim Fisher found California to be the deadliest state in his 2011 survey as well KQED
California was the most deadly state in his findings, with 102 fatal police shootings. California cities took seven out of 17 places in Fisher’s list of cities with the highest number of officer-involved shootings per capita. And almost every case was closed without charges by police internal investigations and district attorney reviews. (emphasis mine)

Colorado 70

Connecticut 19

Delaware 5

Florida 144

Georgia 128

Hawaii 5

Idaho 25

Illinois 63

Indiana 40

Iowa 9

Kansas 45

Kentucky 16

Louisiana 35

Maine 19

Maryland 58

Massachusetts 26

Michigan 39

Minnesota 21

Mississippi 16

Missouri 32

Montana 11

Nebraska 3

Nevada 86

New Hampshire 6

New Jersey 51

New Mexico 43

New York 163

North Carolina 53

North Dakota 1

Ohio 60

Oklahoma 40

Oregon 43

Pennsylvania 61

Rhode Island 1

South Carolina 27

South Dakota 2

Tennessee 48

Texas 163

Utah 22

Vermont 6

Virginia 47

Washington (includes State and DC) 142

Washington DC 13

West Virginia 10

Wisconsin 22

Wyoming 1

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