Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Documents on Police Shootings and Brutality

Documents on Police Shootings and Brutality

DOJ Report on Michael Brown Shooting
DOJ Report Pattern and Practices Chart
President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing Interim Report March 2015
Sentencing Project Report Black Lives Matter: eliminating racial inequity in the criminal justice system
DOJ report Civil Rights Division accomplishments in 2013
DOJ Report Civil Rights Division 2009-2012
Every 28 Hours Report by Operation Ghetto Storm

2012 Annual Report on the extrajudicial killing of 313 Black people by police, security guards and vigilantes

The Report exposes how every 28 hours someone inside the United States, employed or protected by the U.S. government kills a Black child, woman or man.

clarifying what the report actually says
On August 20, in one of those debates that corporate media set up more for entertainment than for enlightenment, CNN pitted right-wing Black pundit, Larry Elder against liberal Black commentator Marc Lamont Hill.  Lamont attempted explain that the killing of “unarmed Black youth Michael Brown” was part of a pattern. Elder interrupted and demanded to change the subject to “Black-on-Black” violence. In an exchange, now partially deleted from CNN’s website, Elder accused Hill, “You don’t even know how many Black people are killed by police.”
“Yes we do know,” Hill proclaimed, “Every 28 hours an unarmed Black person is killed,” and he cited the Report. Unfortunately for Hill, neither the hashtag, nor the Report, distinguished between “armed” or “unarmed”. It counted the total.

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