Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lots of recent activity on police body cameras

Last month I wrote about the business of police body cameras, not really getting much attention in the debate around police reform.  The main point of the article was that I found this from the 2014 annual report on PDF page 36 footnote 9

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Here is footnote 9, explaining when Luke Larson, Chief Marketing Officer and President of TASER since April 6th 2015 and is an Iraq war veteran, would get 10,000 "Number of Unearned Shares, Units or Other Rights That Have Not Vested"
(9) These stock awards are performance-based, and vest in full when a specified threshold is met related to camera video uploads into EVIDENCE.com 
Another footnote, #6, applies to Patrick W. Smith, Daniel M. Behrendt, Douglas E. Klint, and Marcus W.L. Womack.  These stock shares are related to revenue growth.  Only Luke Larson gets shares based on how much video evidence is uploaded to https://www.evidence.com/
(6) These stock awards are performance based. The number of shares that ultimately vest is based upon the compounded annual revenue growth rates for the total Company and the AXON segment compared to target for the three-year period 36 ending December 31, 2016. The number of unvested shares presented equals the target shares. Reference is made to the “Executive Compensation – Performance-based Compensation Plans” section above for further information about these awards.
There has also been a lot of activity in Congress related to body cameras for police, including today's House amendment 295, "Supporting local law enforcement agencies in their continued work to serve our communities, and supporting their use of body worn cameras to promote transparency to protect both citizens and officers alike."  It cites a study where
University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology conducted a 12-month study on the use of body-worn cameras used by law enforcement in the United Kingdom and estimated that the cameras led to a 50 percent reduction in use of force, and in addition, complaints against police fell approximately by 90 percent

I wrote more on recent activity in Congress about police reforms, including body cameras here.

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