Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Posts on Police Shootings and Brutality

Death in Police Custody Law Obama signed into law a re-authorization of an expired law that requires reporting on those killed in police custody.  Data from the last time suggests it won't be complete as required reporting of data was lax.

No Merry Christmas in Ferguson

Governor Nixon gets it wrong  In a press conference discussing the pending Grand Jury decision on whether to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson, Governor Nixon called for protesters to be peaceful, saying "Violence will not be tolerated" while neglecting to mention the names of those killed by cops and ignoring the long history of police brutality.

The Strange Case of Damonte Shipp, aka Ceebo here I repost an article about the case of Ceebo the rapper, cousin of Ezell Ford.

As part of the post "Before Mike Brown" I found a map that shows every homicide in St Louis in 2014.  Here is the list of 199 killings

St Louis Homicides 2014

Before Mike Brown I take a look at St Louis before August 2014, to point out other police shootings and brutality, and the community efforts to stop the violence from cops and in the community.

Ferguson honors John Crawford Protesters in Ferguson shut down WalMarts in honor of John Crawford, killed by police in a WalMart in Ohio.  Includes other incidents of police brutality.

Just Wait, it gets worse  Two stories about law enforcement mishandling cremated ashes, and other things police mistake for drugs.

End the War on Drugs a report on some of the grant programs that give local police equipment and funding that can be used to buy equipment

The Police cannot handle.... Some situations of police brutality in everyday situations that should have been handled better.

We still need more information on police shootings a look at the statistics documenting police shootings and some problems with the reporting.

Crowdsourcing police shootings  A look at the difficulty in reporting police shootings

Police Shootings by State a look at where police do the most shooting, and what is not counted when discussing police shootings.

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